Privacy is the personal website of Rupert Read, 17 Merton Road, Norwich, NR2 3TT, United Kingdom.

Like most people I care about privacy. I don’t want to be tracked, whether by Governments, companies like Google or advertisers. This website is therefore relatively free from any type of tracking or advertising.

Personal data

The website collects as little personal data as is reasonably possible. The only exception are embedded videos, such as the YouTube videos that appear in the Media Appearances section. Platforms such as YouTube and SoundCloud do track users and try to monitise your personal data.

When you contact me via the contact page an email is sent to my email address. I only use any personal data you provide to deal with your enquiry.

I don’t use services such as Google Analytics. The web server is hosted by Catalyst2 and they do have access the web server’s log. The log files include the IP address you connect from, the page(s) you visited and your web browser’s user agent. The logs are primarily used to troubleshoot server-related issues. In addition, I can view aggregated log data using Awstats. This enables me to view how many people have looked at a particular page without knowing which IP addresses looked at that page.

The server’s log are retained for five weeks, and Awstat’s data is retained indefinitely.


This website is a self-hosted WordPress instances. WordPress uses cookies when you leave a comment or when you log in to the website. Both comments and creating user accounts are disabled, so no cookies are set by the website.