This is the cover of The New Wittgenstein. It contains an image of Wittgenstein and an overlaid title.

The New Wittgenstein

The New Wittgenstein is an edited collection co-authored by Alice Crary and Rupert Read, and published by Routledge.

This text offers major re-evaluation of Wittgenstein’s thinking. It is a collection of essays that presents a significantly different portrait of Wittgenstein. The essays clarify Wittgenstein’s modes of philosophical criticism and shed light on the relation between his thought and different philosophical traditions and areas of human concern. With essays by Stanley Cavell, James Conant, Cora Diamond, Peter Winch and Hilary Putnam, we see the emergence of a new way of understanding Wittgenstein’s thought. This is a controversial collection, with essays by highly regarded Wittgenstein scholars that may change the way we look at Wittgenstein’s body of work.

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