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Transformative Adaptation as a “Mindbomb”

UNA Climate & Oceans Generation Restoration Network:

On 1st July 2022 Rupert Read provided the opening talk at the inaugural Ecosystem Restoration Gathering/Camp (further events are planned to take place annually over the remaining UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration at this location in East Sussex). Before Rupert’s talk Gonzalo Alvarez, Chair of United Nations Association – Climate and Oceans, provides a brief overview of the significance of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration.

In his talk – “Transformative Adaptation as a “mindbomb”: How building community resilience can restore our ecosystems, and restore our mental ecosystems too – Rupert kindly provides his consummate wise guidance on how we might best navigate through the “age of consequences” we are living in a most thoughtful, heartfelt and motivating presentation.

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