Climate change

View: A climate activist has set themselves on fire. What should those of us still here do next?

“Last year I was approached by a young man who had taken the decision to immolate himself in order to awaken us to the destruction of our planetary life-support system.

I told him it would not work. The media would ignore his message and say he was depressed or deranged.”

This was the advice Brother Phap Linh, a senior Buddhist monk, gave to a Buddhist practitioner who came to him because he was contemplating setting himself on fire to draw attention to the climate crisis.

Climate crisis and the dangers of tech-obsessed ‘long-termism’

As a philosopher who thinks about climate change, a central concern motivating my work in recent years has been anguish that our species and our political-economic systems are dangerously short-termist. Indeed, I have a book coming out soon on just this: in Why Climate Breakdown Matters, I set out the pressing need for humanity to become more “long-termist” in its outlook.