Privacy is the personal website of Rupert Read, 17 Merton Road, Norwich, NR2 3TT.

Like most people I care about privacy. I don't want to be tracked, whether by Governments, companies like Google or advertisers. This website is therefore free from any type of tracking or advertising.

Personal data

The website collects as little personal data as is reasonably possible. It doesn't use products such as Google Analytics and the social media buttons that appear in the Writings section don't send any personal data to the social media platforms - it are merely links to the platforms. If you use browser extensions such as Adblock Plus, Disconnect and/or Ghostery you will see that no attempt is made to track you.

The web server does log various bits of information every time you view a page, including your IP address and information about your operating system and web browser. The log files may be viewed by the hosting company, Eco Web Hosting, and the web developer, Beep Mode, to make sure that website functions properly and to solve any problems with the website. In addition, the website uses a programme called Awstats to view the server's log files in aggregated view. This enables me to view how many people have looked at a particular page without knowing which IP addresses looked at that page.


The EU E-Privacy Directive 2009/136/EC (better known as the 'cookie law') requires website owners not to set cookies on a computer / device without the owner's consent unless the cookie is "strictly necessary" for the functioning of the website. This websites sets just one cookie; when you enter the website it tries to store a cookie named 'has_js'. This cookie is used to indicate whether or not your web browser has JavaScript enabled and is automatically deleted when you close your browser. This cookie is very much necessary and it doesn't store any personal information - all it stores is either the value "1" (if your browser has JavaScript support) or "0" (if you browser isn't JavaScript enabled).