Media appearances and talks

This is the Media appearances and talks section of my website. Here you will find a collection of some of the public appearances, philosophy lectures, and television interviews that I have accumulated in my career to date. For archiving of my some of local radio appearances, you can check out my Soundcloud account here.

The Importance of Being Unreasonable

I visited Cornwall at the invitation of Manda Brookman from Cafe Disruptif for an evening of question and conversation. The event took place on June 20th 2019. It was filmed by Senara Wilson Hodges from On the Beach Productions.

Rupert Read on Politics Live

My appearance on Politics Live alongside Conservative Minister Nadhim Zahawi. I asked him and the Labour shadow minister live on air to meet with Extinction Rebellion protestors, and both agreed. These protests, and the over 1,000 people arrested are forcing this government, and its opposition, to pay more attention to the urgency of the climate and ecological crises.

Interview about Extinction Rebellion on Talk Radio

This clip is from The Julia Hartley-Brewer Breakfast Show with John Nicolson on the 19th April 2019. I found John to be one of the more thoughtful interviewers out of the litany of radio and television shows I appeared on that week.

Rupert Read goes head-to-head with Jacob Rees-Mogg

I went head-to-head with Jacob Rees-Mogg on his show on LBC about the Extinction Rebellion protests in London, and it went, well, how you might expect it to have gone... Rees-Mogg's verbosity can't obfuscate the existential threat that we face. We need drastic action on the climate and ecological crises, and we need politicians with the courage to call for that action.

Channel 5 Interview on Extinction Rebellion protests

On April 18th 2019 I was invited onto Channel 5 News to discuss the Extinction Rebellion protests that swept through London with Peter Bleksley. I tried to stop the conversation getting derailed and to focus on the extent to which the climate and ecological crises threaten the very basis of our civilisation.


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