Live from The Space Shed with Rupert Read

This podcast was recorded at Latitude Festival 2019. You can listen to the whole podcast on Spotify here.


Episode Description:

"For this episode we're back in the Faraway Forest at Latitude Festival with Rupert Read representing for Extinction Rebellion. Rupert is an Associated Professor of Philosophy at the University of East Anglia, an author, a blogger, and – most passionately – a climate and environmental campaigner. Throughout 2019 he has frequently been a spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion and is a member of their political liaison team, meeting with senior politicians from across the political spectrum. He has represented Extinction Rebellion on national radio and television, including on Radio 4's Today Program and on the BBC's Politics Live. On this occasion, Rupert found himself in a Shed, in a forest, being interviewed by a man wearing an orange spacesuit and too much glittery eyeliner. In this episode Rupert explains:

why space travel is terrible for the planet how space travel and science fiction can help us save the planet why civilisation is likely to collapse because of climate breakdown what ‘civilisation collapse’ even is how Extinction Rebellion is leading the fight to prevent climate breakdown and civilisation collapse what each of us can do to get involved and fight climate breakdown

and answers questions including:

what should corporations be doing to prevent climate breakdown? isn’t the UK doing loads already? Isn’t it other countries that need to step up? how do we fight this while we have powerful leaders like Donald Trump who don’t believe in climate change? why does the UK media not highlight this problem ALL THE TIME? how do you talk to people who aren’t yet committed to fighting climate breakdown? what is your view on whether or not Extinction Rebellion should target Heathrow? when will I be able to afford to change my boiler?

All of which was excellently stimulating (and occasionally terrifying) fun. Enjoy!"