“Your money or your life?”: A talk hosted by Ealing Green Party, Hillingdon Green Party and Extinction Rebellion

This talk was hosted by Ealing Green Party, Hillingdon Green Party and Extinction Rebellion at The Forester on Saturday 2nd March. Video was shot by Leigh Bloomfield www.leapproductions.co.uk

The talk is very kindly and informatively reviewed and summarised by Ina Ballik and is available to read here.

'Silence is a powerful way to start a public “talk”. I’m impressed. More so, when see that every person who came along to listen to Rupert’s insights of the current state of affairs regarding climate change joins the moment of silence. Pause and silence to reflect and grieve, and as a gesture of respect towards the climate change induced habitat and species loss that we perpetually live through for past decades.

The tone for the session is set. It is not going to be another one of these delusory talks that’s aiming to wrap the listener in the warm blanket of comfort, confirming “that everything will just be fine” and they can go home after the event and just carry on as usual. Au contraire! Despite the initial moment of silence I feel that this talk is going to be provocative and feisty. I like that! No skirting around the issue, no customary British Politeness – just straight forward inconvenient truths. So this talk is going to be to my liking. I can already tell after the first five minutes.

Rupert skilfully engages the auditorium, connecting them emotionally to the topic of climate change, which still is an abstract issue to the vast majority of inhabitants of this planet. “Those who are younger than 40/50….”, “those who have children….”, “those who worry about money or retirement funds….” – the last one is probably designed to catch the remainders of the auditorium who hadn’t already identified with the aforementioned two groups. Clever. Now every person identifies to a degree with what is about to come. They are now ready to take in the crude facts about disastrous failings in addressing climate change as global society.'